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EUROfardasII – Promoção e Marketing de Fardas, Lda.:

Empresa que actua ao nível do Vestuário Profissional, nomeadamente ao nível da Criação e Produção de Imagem Profissional para as mais diversas áreas do mercado.




With initial activity in 2002, built an important client wallet that covers several activities, namely Hotel, Health, Pharmaceutical Labs, Restauration activities, , Industrial cleaning, schools, college, services, etc

Main activity developed by Eurofardas II, includes a high quality of the material used on our self production. Besides Work Wear, Trousers, smokes, jackets, aprons, etc, we are specially focused for customization and we guarantee total uniformity between Corporative/ Institutional and design for professional dressing to sugest.- “COULORING YOUR IMAGE”


Making proportion to a roll of innovative solutions of high quality and a perfect relationship cost/benefict, on anticipating needs in a market higher hard to please, satisfying and going over the expectation of  current and future clients, engendering value to its business.


Eurofardas II will look for a market through a strategy of differentiation and diversification to achieve Excellence and Innovation in solutions to offer to market in a way to be recognized as a reference company in National and International market of its area.

So, company has a policy that look for a commercial dynamic growing, through a strategy of approaching that allows going over the current time of Relationship and partnership with our current and future clients.

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