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Normas Gerais para todos os tecidos:

  •  As temperaturas elevadas são prejudiciais para os tecidos.
  •  A centrifugação e a secagem directa ao sol tendem a causar a perda de cor nos tecidos.
  •  Nunca tente retirar nódoas difíceis, consulte um profissional.
  • Utilize produtos branqueadores em vez de lixívia: esta desgasta as fibras dos tecidos.
  • Limpe sempre a seco as roupas que tenham forros e entretelas.


Although it is a job’s uniform, it is good to remember that can exists limitations on using a few parts that can become problems on relationship between groups and managers. Example: some religions forbid long trousers in women’s wearing. In cases like this, when possible or necessary, it’s useful to create an alternative.

5-     How are the uniform users?

Tall, short, fat, thin..People’s biotype changes a lot, a certain clothes are not ok in all sizes. It’s advisable to consult experiment professionals in a way to minimize this problems.

6-     Does people feel comfortable on using it?

To please everybody is almost impossible and listen to opinion of future users is fundamental. A good way is to create a group’s study of employee and make them on choosing an option, because it will give an assessment to increase satisfaction and a better identification of employees with choice uniforms.

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